250th Anniversary

Agenda of Events for the 250th Anniversary of St. Paul Lutheran Church 2011

In 2011 we celebrated our 250th Anniversary. St. Paul was the first and oldest Lutheran Church in Newberry County. It was organized before the American Revolution. We celebrated key parts of our history each month. We printed a 250th Anniversary History Book. We also did a church  anniversary play.


  • Show a tape of “Logs to Granite”.  3rd Sunday in January.
  • Children’s Sunday School Project:  Indian Vest and Singing This Little Light of Mine

February – Spotlight on Carold Wicker and Judy Wicker and First Fulltime Pastor of St. Paul Joachim Bulow.

  • Log Cabin Banner of Kibler’s Church carried into the Sanctuary.
  • 1-2 min. skit by Carold Wicker about the banner
  • Children Sunday School Project – make Log Cabins using foam blocks.

March – Spotlight – on a member of the church and Rev. Keisler – He dedicated the granite church on March 20, 1938.  Note – Granite church first service was held on March 19, 1937.

  • Short skit of St. Paul during the Revolutionary War.
  • Children Sunday School Project – Clay candle holders

April – Spotlight on a member

  • No skits during Easter
  • Time Capsule Displayed ready to be filled

May – Spotlight – Paul Shealy and family and other members (Graduations)

  • Memorial Day – Honor any armed serviceman with pin or poppy
  • Memorial Day Weekend – Special handout on all men or women who served in the armed forces belonging to the church or church families.
  • Children Sunday School Project  – paper flowers or poppies
  • Third Sunday in May – Covered dish picnic luncheon

June -Spotlight – Frederick Wallern and Mr. John Coltrane

  • Old Timey Sunday – Members dress in period costumes from 1750-1990’s men sit on the left and the women on the right side of the church.
  • Children Sunday School Project –  bead crosses or other activities
  • Mr. Coltrain play his music

July – Spotlight – Pastor Dowd – will also preach

  • Barbershop quartet of American and early church music
  • Barbeque picnic – Carold Wicker and Paul Werts

August – Spotlight -Reverend Jefferson A. Sligh and church member

  • Skit by Rev. Sligh and special music
  • Practices for the church play

September – Spotlight Member Yost Metts and member of congregation

  • St Paul Historical Play by the congregation
  • (Practices for Play)

October – Spotlight Bishop Yoost –Preaching Homecoming Service.

  • Parade of daughter churches displaying their banners.
  • Homecoming Meal

November – Spotlight – Pastor Crout – will also preach

  • 10-15 min Slide Presentation
  • Committal of the Time Capsule
  • Thanksgiving

December – Spotlight – Pastor Nichols and family

Christmas and the Celebration of the Birth of Jesus